nikko | resonance

By the end of 2011, a new album with remixes will be released in digital formats.

The remixes were produced by dear friends and colleagues on tracks from my previous personal albums, and represent the resonance of our energy, of our feelings and ideas. The artwork of the cover is made once more by 'Poor Designers'. The album will be available for download through DOC TV.

Dream on

dream on | loop
dream on | loop

I am playing in Loop, in Thission, Athens, since the very start of it. I was already upstairs in 1994 running the record-shop 'Liquid Vinyl', and distributing white labels that we had collected from the warehouses in London and Amsterdam, to friends and enthusiasts of our scene, when Manolis took over the ground floor of the building to make Loop.

I feel like home in Loop, and that is probably because of Manolis' love and support to our cause through the years.

'Dream on' is happening there since 2002. Along with good friends we improvise in low keys and rhythms, all the themes we made in the studio, though sometimes it happens the other way too. It is like our bi-monthly musical summary for us.

I will record one of those sessions soon for you not in Athens, so to check.

Next meeting will be around Christmas. I will post the exact date soon.

Old skool

Klik 6th Anniversary
Staring into Space

The parties in the BSB building, remind me of that parties of our early days. Those parties where dancing was fun, and we wouldn't leave unless we heard the last song and all lights were lit up. When music was the center and the crowd's reaction to the selections of the djs, loudly expressed.

It has been a long time since then, and we have seen and done it all,we got difficult as a crowd, we got professionals as djs, and the only thing left to binds us seems to be just the referrals of the parties in Facebook and Myspace and not the parties themselves, as we never truly attend

I think I got the energy to get back to my progressive set in these parties, with smiling boys and girls cheering and weaving their hands in every exciting break of the music, and with the djs playing their best in a row.

The BSB parties are happening a couple of times per year, and they have a free entrance. Last one was in May 2009

The BSB parties are happening a couple of times per year, and they have a free entrance. Last one was in May 2010.