athens 204 omiros
godot woyzeck


Hostage Director K. Giannaris, 2004

My best friend Directors G. Lanthimos, L. Lazopoulos, 2001

Someone alive Director P. Birbilis, 1990


Der Hund, die Nacht und das Messer by M. F. Mayenburg, Director T. Sarantos, 2008

The drowned world by G. Owen, Director E. Lygizos, 2006

Waiting… (something for the hunger) based on Waiting for Godot by S. Beckett, Director Α. Brouskou, 2005

Time has come, Section by A. Ostermeier, Director Α. Brouskou, 2004

Woyzeck by G. Buchner, Director Α. Brouskou, 2003

Yes by M. Karapanou, Director Α. Brouskou, 2000


Olympic Games, Music for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, 2004

Arion Music Awards IFPI, Music for the ceremonies and the broadcasts, 2001-2007

Eurovision, Music for the ceremonies and the broadcasts, 2006

Main IDs for tv stations like ET1, NET, Antenna Tv, Star Channel, Seven-X, and for the radio stations Klik-Fm, Best Radio, Cool-Fm and Top-Fm, amongst others.

Music IDs for tv series like Aparadektoi, Vera sto dexi, Mana einai mono mia, Paradise Lost, amongst others.

Music for tv commercials like the ones of National Bank of Greece, Telecommunication Organization of Greece, Sony, Carlsberg, Absolut, Alpha Romeo, Pizza Hut, Camel, Palmolive, Ariel, Fage, Paulidis, Ionia and Lays amongst others.